October 3, 2022

Deep work, for real

This is the moment to go deep into the cave, to make real deep work.

I've been for too much time in the "public eye" while creating 10+ startups in the latest 4 years. Some weeks ago I took a strong decision: to go under the hood, keep a low profile, and focus 100% on myself, my family, friends, work, and projects.

That decision implied closing my Telegram channels, public groups, podcast, and other communication channels that I was using to send content to a community of tech people and consumers of some of my products.

At the beginning of 2022 I left all major social media: Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I didn't have much activity there, but completely leaving just helped me borrow back a lot of additional time for myself.

Now I left everything.

By forcing myself to go entirely into deep work, I'm entitling myself to break my mental boundaries, find myself again, reinvent my whole life, and reborn as a new person. Cuba has led me broken and I can't succeed in the real world by applying the same methodology as I did in the Cuban market.

This is the real world, Cuba was just a training. And I'm tired of training. Now it's for real. The next startups will be for real. I'm focusing on the unicorn.

Probably no one will read this, as I won't promote it. But if you read it, and you were following me on Telegram, I'm sorry to have just left without previous notice. It was necessary. It was a well-reflected decision.

Contact details? Not for now. It's better that way.

Now I really don't want to say anything, just let my products speak for themselves. I'll be back when I find something important to say, and when I find my purposes and actions completely aligned into a single goal.

When everything makes sense again, I'll go outside again.

Meanwhile, it's like Jesus' desert-like experience. It's about dying or getting stronger. And I'm pretty sure it won't be the first. See you soon.